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Yearly Archives: 2014

3Man Event 4 List

Here are the 3Man team list for the Final Event 4 of the series! 1. Sharp Shooters 2. Clutch Kids 3. Colchester Chaos 4. Cotton Candy Crew 5. Red Legion 6. Moncton Prospect 7. South Shore Retribution 8. PEI BeyondPB 9. Nemesis 10. TopGuns 11. Broken Arrows 12. Long Reach Legends Jr 13. Matadors 14.…
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Event 3 5Man Raceto Video

Event 3 5Man Raceto5 We got our friend from 6ix Production to showcase Atlantic Canada Players! We got a great video from Kayden Roy and we are eager for you to watch it. Check it out.
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Event 4 Layout

Our Final Event of the 2014 season will be on the 2014 West Coast OPEN. We will have 2 practices available for this event. Monday August 4th (Holiday weekend) from 10am to 3pm Sunday August 17th from 10am to 3pm This will anyone event. Claim the final event Title of First place! Learn it, Study…
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