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Yearly Archives: 2013

Event 3 Summary

Event 3 Recap/Summary Exciting, fast pace, and home team win! Lets start off with the 3man as always.
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ALL Star Match

This was our First Annual All Star Match! Amazing? We think so! Free Jersey, Free paintball and awesome competition. What more can you ask for? On July 12 we had our first All Star match, we wanted to show case the top player in atlantic Canada with having a match to showcase the up and…
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EPPL Event 3 3Man/5Man Results

3Man Results 1st - Sharp Shooters 2nd - Clutch Kids 3rd - Colchester Chaos 4th - Cotton Candy Crew 5th - Red Legion 6th - Prospect Jr 7th - UberTech Retribution 8th - Beyond PB 9th - Nemesis 10th - TopGuns 11th - Broken Arrows 12th - Long Reach Legends Jr 13th - Matadors 5Man…
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