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Welcome to Atlantic Canada Premier Paintball League. We are a Raceto5 Series 5man, Raceto4 Series 3man and Rookie 3man League.

We are the largest paintball league in Atlantic Canada. Playing host to over 20 teams and 120 players

Events for 2017 are hosted at
Event 1 Moncton SportsDome NB
Event 2 ArmyMans Paintball in Truro NS
Event 3 Spikes Paintball in York PEI
Event 4 MagHill Paintball in Moncton NB
Event 5 Moncton Sportsdome NB

We also host practices of the event layout one week prior to the event.

Our Sponsors/Supporters:
Capital City Paintball, Badlands Paintball, GI Sports, Empire Paintball, Kee Action Sports, Playonpics, Armymans Paintball, Moncton Sportsdome, MagHill Paintball

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Event Dates

2017 EPPL dates. The Saturday is 3man, and the Sunday are 5man Raceto Division.
May27/28th (3man/5man)
June17/18th (3man/5man)
July29/30th (3man/5man)
September2/3rd (3man/5man)
September23/24th (3man/5man)

EPPL also hosts OFFICIAL layouts practices the week before each event on the Sunday at Event Field Host

2017 EPPL Practice Dates
May 22nd 10am-3pm (Practice) DOME Moncton
June 11th 10am-3pm (Practice) Truro
July 23rd 10am-3pm (Practice) DOME Moncton
August 27th 10am-3pm (Practice) MagHill Moncton
September 17th 10am-3pm (Practice) DOME Moncton

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